Terms of Reference

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The Committee will have the following terms of reference:-

  • Tendering advice on Science and Technology policies and programmes of the Government of India and their implementation;
  • Identifying and recommending measures, which would enhance country’s technological capabilities in all sectors with particular reference to the Government’s policies on foreign collaboration, import of technology and innovation;
  • Identifying programmes in critical areas for technological self-reliance and evolving inter-disciplinary technology development programmes;
  • Considering issues relating to the development, application and use of Science and Technology, which may be referred to it by the Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Technology, or by other Ministries, and rendering advice;
  • Considering the organizational aspects of S&T organizations/ institutions/ agencies, including the linkages between the scientific and technological groups, educational institutions, R&D establishments, industry and government departments, and recommending on the measures to be taken for strengthening the linkages;
  • Considering
    • Issues relating to filling up of critical gaps in national competence including development of catalytic projects;
    • Issues relating to preparing for a knowledge based economy and society, creating infrastructure to attract and retain our excellent scientific manpower and identifying centers of excellence;
    • Creating avenues to promote medical and agriculture oriented S&T activities;
    • Matters connected with technological cooperation with foreign countries and international agencies;
    • Improving e-science infrastructure in the country;
    • Impact of various multilateral treaties/ regimes like WTO, convention of biodiversity etc., which India has entered into or is likely to enter into;
    • Emerging changes from international competitiveness in S&T and also in industry;
    • Issues connected with the consolidation and scientific utilization of ancient and traditional knowledge base including mechanisms for harvesting rich herbal botanicals;
    • Beneficial impacts and possible conflicts in society that may arise because of introduction of new technologies and communication of S&T knowledge to people;
    • Use of scientific tools in disaster management, and
    • Other issues concerning S&T in international relations, regional cooperation, national development, and recommending measures.

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