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Graphical representation of paired data

Boxplots can be used to demonstrate difference in 2 groups as in previous section. Since, the two groups are related, paired graphs can also be plotted: 


> mypaired_plot=function(first, second){
    x = data.frame(first, second)
    xx<-stack(x) # restructures data for stripchart function
    par(las=1) # horizontal axis labels
    with(xx,  stripchart(values~ind, xlim=c(0,3),pch=19, main="Ladder Plot",    ylab="values", vertical=TRUE, col=c("red", "green")))
    apply(x,1,lines, col="blue") 

> mypaired_plot1(xx, yy)


Effect size

Same effect size method can be used as for 2 unpaired group comparison.

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