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With package tabplot, we can plot all variables of a large dataset. The first variable is sorted so that one can see how other variables are moving as the first variable changes. Hence it is best to keep the variable of interest, e.g. the outcome variable, as the first variable. The log of variable is used if needed. 


    > largedf = birthwt[c(10, 1:9)]

    > library(tabplot)
    > pp = tablePrepare(largedf)
    > tableplot(pp)

Output graph:




Following is the tableplot created using mtcars dataset, where it clearly shows that the reduction in mpg (miles per gallon) is associated with an increase in cyl (cylinders), disp (displacement), hp (horsepower) and wt (weight). The variales 'vs' and 'am', on the other hand, show a reduction as the 'mpg' reduces. 

Output graph:




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