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Density plot

       > ggplot(bwdf, aes(x=age))+ geom_density()

output (graph):


Following is an interesting custom-built function that produces density curve of all variables of the dataframe sent to it: 

> mydensityall = function(ddf){
    ddf = ddf[sapply(ddf, is.numeric)]
    mm = melt(sapply(ddf, rnscaled_vect))
    ggplot(mm)+stat_density(aes(x=value, group=Var2, color=Var2), geom='line', position='identity')

> mydensityall(birthwt[c('age','lwt','bwt')])

output (graph): 


One can clearly see that distribution of bwt is different from that of age and lwt variables.

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