Initiative on Nutrition

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As one of the important actionable points, the Office of PSA undertook an initiative on ‘Nutrition’ by bringing together the stakeholding Ministries, Departments and other agencies. Two back-to-back meetings on Nutrition were organized, one concerning the health related aspects and the other on agriculture related aspects. A set of priority actionable points and projects was arrived at, after due deliberations with stakeholders. 
With the launch of the ‘National Nutrition Mission’ under the auspices of the NITI Aayog in December 2017, these initiatives will be pursued by NITI Aayog as deemed appropriate. 
The details of the actionable points / projects and the minutes may be seen at the following links:

a)  Minutes of the meeting held on 7th July, 2017
b)  Minutes of the meeting held on 19th July, 2017
c)  Minutes of the meeting held on 25th August, 2017
d)  Actionable points 
e)  OM on Advisory Committee dated 31st October 2017
f)  OM on Technical Committee dated 31st October 2017
g)  OM dated 19th December 2017