Handbook for COVID-19 testing in Research Institutions

Increasing the number of RT-PCR testing laboratories.


The following  is of concern and importance to you if you are a researcher with a well-equipped laboratory, affiliated to DST, DBT, CSIR, DAE, DRDO, MHRD and DAE, ICAR or other Government of India agencies and think you have the capability and the equipment to run RT-PCR reactions.

Over the years many ministries, departments and agencies, have invested in creating an science infrastructure which can be the envy of any country, and this infrastructure can, today, be used for setting up testing sites for COVID-19 across the country. We are creating a list of laboratories which have the required infrastructure for setting up such sites.
Setting up a testing labs for SARS_CoV-2 presence is complex. But, if all parts of the required protocol are put in place,  many of our laboratories can quickly be up to speed.
The Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Government of India has developed a “Handbook for COVID-19 testing in Research Institutions” which allows a lab to self-assess its preparedness, in terms of equipment, staff and expertise. (This handbook has been assembled by a group of young researchers, whose efforts are gratefully acknowledged)
The handbook is placed in public domain on the website of the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (http://psa.gov.in/). Laboratory heads and investigators  must read this carefully. On pages 3- 6, is a checklist, which each research lab Head must fill. The checklist along with other indications of preparedness, full contact details which include cell phone nos. maybe sent to the office of PSA at:

shailja[dot]psa[at]gov[dot]in  and


The information received will be screened and suitable labs directed to join the pool of labs which deployed for testing. Sample collection and delivery will be addressed independently and separately.

Hand Book for COVID-19 testing in Research Institutions