• Prime Minister's Science, Technology & Innovation Council (PM-STIAC)
  • Sectoral Group of Secretaries in S&T, Secretariat
  • Ethics, Public Engagement, Gender Equality, Open Access, Communication in STI
  • Techno-entrepreneurship led STI policy framework
  • R&D Investments by Central Ministries, State Governments and private sector including MNC
  • Policy instruments for stimulating private sector R&D Investments 
  • Public-Private Partnerships – mechanisms and incentivizing
  • S&T as a foreign policy imperative
  • AGNI – Accelerated Growth for New India Innovation
  • Synergizing activities of NRDC, TDB, BIRAC, CDC (DSIR), Agrinnovate India (ICAR) and others
  • Creation of PMUs/PAUs
  • Academia-Industry-Market Connect for Technology Diffusion
  • Tech up-gradation of engineering goods for high tech exports and value-added manufacturing
  • Rural Technology for socio-economic development
  • S&T Engagement with Ministries & States
  • Technology infusion in MSMEs
  • Sectors
    1. Water
    2. Food and Agriculture (value addition)
    3. Health
    4. Textiles
    5. Infrastructure (Roadways, Railways, Waterways, Civil Aviation, Urban Development)
    6. Heavy Industries
    7. Education
    8. Energy
  • Engagement with State Governments/agencies
  • Engagement with NE Region (STINER)
  • Global Consultative Group on emerging STI trends and trajectories
  • National Frontiers of STEMM Symposium
  • I-STEM (Indian Scientific Technology and Engineering Facilities Map)
  • National R&D Information platform -ISTIP (Indian Science, Technology and Innovation Portal)
  • Networking and integration of academia, national laboratories, and the industry - city clusters
  • Interface with school teachers & students
  • S&T in vernacular languages
  • Gifted Children
  • Women entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Ultra Supercritical Thermal systems
  • Biomedical Devises
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Disaster Management
  • Deep Ocean Technology
  • Energy Materials
  • Earth Museum
  • Green Chemistry
  • Machine Tools
  • Motors for Electric Vehicles