Governance in S&T

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The essential components for competitiveness of the nation are creativity, invention and innovation.An enabling innovation eco-system and S&T governance system that is flexible, dynamic and accommodative will support the growth. The present set up of scientific organizations in the country has a well-structured hierarchical system that function under overarching government rules and as a consequence, the scientific departments are averse to taking risksfearing possible harassment.

Governance of Science, leading to the creation of nationally and globally usable technology has many dimensions that span vision, technology foresight, and resources.The future governance of science will depend on Risk identification, Risk quantification and Risk management. Improvement in S&T organizations efficiency and effectiveness can be brought by reforming the governance structure.  If India is to emerge as a formidable knowledge power the confidence building among those who take risk, perform and deliver is an absolute necessity.

In view of this Office of PSA to GoI is in the process of constituting a committee to look at some of these issues.