ETG Pillar 3 - Research and Development

Expenditure Finance Committee

  • Project proposals in excess of Rs. 500 crore relating to R&D to be placed before ETG prior to submission to the Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC)/Cabinet
  • In cases of proposals being put up to the Cabinet/Cabinet Committees, draft Cabinet/Cabinet Committee notes, along with inter-ministerial comments to be shared with ETG

Global Best Practices and Exit Strategy

  • Ensure adoption of global best practices in R&D project proposals
  • Establish synergy, ensure no duplication in proposals
  • Ensure setting up of an exit strategy subsequent to completion of research i.e. commercialization via technology transfer to Industry

Innovation Index

  • Develop an innovation index to objectively measure in-house innovation through a fair and transparent process of evaluation

Standards and Capacity Building

  • Develop standards, norms and best practices for R&D proposal to adhere to
  • Capacity Building for senior decision makers on the standards, norms and best practices
  • First workshop to be hosted by O/o PSA within 2 months of the constitution of ETG