ETG - Procurement Support

ETG Pillar 2 - Procurement Support

Expenditure Finance Committee

  • Proposals in excess of Rs. 500 crore for procurement of technology/ technology products, placed before ETG prior to submission to the Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC)/Cabinet.
  • In cases of proposals being put up to the Cabinet/Cabinet Committees, draft Cabinet/Cabinet Committee notes, along with inter-ministerial comments to be shared with ETG

Digital Catalogue

  • Digital catalogue of all technologies and technology products developed by all PSUs and R&D Organizations including Transfer of Technology from foreign countries to be prepared in 120 days of the constitution of the ETG

E-Market Place

  • An e-market place for all technology/ technology products developed by all PSUs and R&D Organizations to be created within the first year of formation of ETG
  • Special window to cater to the needs of Start-up/small firms also to be included in the e-market place

Technology Awareness Building

  • ETG to ensure no duplication and overlap in procurement of technology products, technologies, services or facilities across Departments
  • Promote procurement from Indian vendors
  • Augment technology awareness of stakeholder Departments