Disaster Management

The city of Chennai experienced a major flood situation in 2015. Under O/o the PSA, an expert system is developed for flood forecasting along with flood inundation maps and possible means of its management through appropriate interventions for dealing with any such future events. The objectives of the project are:

  • Development of near real-time flood forecasting system along with visualization
  • Flood Monitoring with Sensors
  • Understanding suitability of drainage networks and scope of improvements
  • Flood/ water management (along with upstream reservoir operations based on forecasts, cleaning of urban rivers/ nallahs)

 The real time system is now operational in National Centre for Coastal Research (NCCR) under MoES. Chennai City Corporation will have a Terminal in their premises which updates them about the water inundation in each Corporation ward, the route which Disaster management agency will use to reach the people, possible time for flood to recede. On 19th Sep 2018, Tamil Nadu Govt signed a MoU with NCCR.It is planned that; similar expert systems will be taken up in other urban areas like Mumbai and Kolkata.