Cyber Security

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Development of Router System: (by C-DOT):
Security of communication networks deals with confidentiality, authorization, integrity, non-repudiation, availability and controlled access. Network Switches and Routers are the most vulnerable of all elements that comprise a communication network. They are most susceptible to interception, hijacking, disruption, impersonation and misuse. They are assured to be free of any Malware, Trap Doors, Trojans or other forms of embedded intentional or unintentional sniffing/interception software.
Project aims to develop and customize an indigenous Routing Platforms for meeting NKN specific requirements. Arouter platform is very much essential in transferring the data from different networks and currently is not available indigenously, and existing with a couple of multinational companies. It proposes to initiate a collaborative R&D program between C-DOT and NKN and to develop indigenous router system to support NKN network of the country. After optimizing required parameters (hardware/software etc.) the prototypes will be delivered to Indian Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). The project is being implemented by Centre for Development of Telematics’ C-DOT, New Delhi.
Indigenous Development of Integrated threat management Appliance (ITMA):
The aim of the project is to develop a productcatering the needs of Threat Management in the IT segment. The project proposes indigenous production (10 nos) of ITMA, and is based on an open source software,addressing all the security measures required for safe data transfer at higher speed of NKN with all necessary IPRs. It will provide a unified solution with single console for management, updation, reporting and multiple Gigabit ports connectivity. It is also proposed to establish a Centre of Excellence, at ECIL, Hyderabad, supporting the systems in the field and providing continuity of technology.
The planned work will be jointly carried by ECIL and SETS, (Society for Electronics Transactions and Security, Chennai) SETS is a premier Organization working for Electronic Security Segment and will be designing the proposed ITMA Software /Development and a MOU is being processed