Consultative Group to Office of PSA



Calling Early- & mid-career Indian scientists in India and abroad; those in industry, NGOs, universities, research labs, across all sectors-- basic and applied.

We are putting in place consultative groups of early- mid-stage- researchers; with connect to their field and its community. We will sound them out regularly, mainly through web-based interactions. We hope to have at least 100 members, and a third turning over each year. If you are interested in being in this 'Principal Scientific Adviser’s consultative group', let us know. Go to , send your brief Bio, URL by June 21, 2019. We will finalize the first list by July 1 and will keep adding in specific areas as needed.

Topics: From the origins of the universe and of life to, water, drought, energy, environment, waste- management, biodiversity, astronomy, etc., we will need your regular interactions and advice.

Social- scientists, economists, and those from civil society, also please apply. You all will be a sounding-board and a source of advice on how we should deal with the present, for our future. We will address difficult topics, to regularly get your advice and participation. You are the leaders of the very near future.