Brainstorming Sessions

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Sl. No. Title of the Brainstorming Session/Workshop Date and Venue
1. Sensors and Related Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture 18th Sept.14, New Delhi
2. Additive Manufacturing and Allied Technologies 20th Dec. 13, New Delhi
3. Quantum Matter Physics in India 5th June, 2013, New Delhi
4. Food processing industries 16th May, 2013, New Delhi
5. Energy storage devices (batteries) 9th April, 2013, New Delhi
6. Enabling Indian Universities to reach world class Research University Status 10th January, 2013, New Delhi
7. Workshop on Smart Phones 22nd October, 2012, New Delhi
8. Getting India Prepared for Next Generation Electronics Design 20th September, 2012, New Delhi
9. Education/ E-Governance / Service Delivery- design & development of Tablet personal computers 1st August, 2012, New Delhi
10. Development of National Biodiversity Grid 30th August, 2012, New Delhi
11. The design and development of Set Top Boxes 9th May, 2012, New Delhi
12. Fibre Lasers 5th September, 2011, Indore
13. Plasmonics 22nd & 23rd July, 2011, New Delhi
14. Laser Diodes & Laser Diode Arrays 31st May, 2011, New Delhi
15. Preparation of the Mission Document for the Mission on Clean Coal (Carbon) Technologies 15th October, 2009, New Delhi
16. R&D for Drug Discovery and Delivery 7th December, 2007, New Delhi
17. Scientific Database (CODATA) September, 2007, New Delhi
18. Receding of Himalayan Glaciers 10th September, 2007, New Delhi
19. Indigenous Capability in Carbon Fibre Technology June, 2007, New Delhi
20. Security Aspects relating to R&D being pursued by Foreign Companies in India 12th June, 2007, New Delhi
21. Section 3(d) of Indian Patents Act, 1970 (as amended in 2005) May, 2007, New Delhi
22. Solid Waste Disposal Strategies in Automotive Sector 2nd April, 2007, New Delhi
23. Promotion of R&D in the Electronics Hardware Sector 10th November, 2006, New Delhi
24. Identifying, Documenting and Evaluation of High-End Technologies: Phase I – PHWR Technology 14th October, 2006, Mumbai
25. Hydrogen for Energy in India 11th October, 2006, New Delhi
26. Brainstorming Session on Photonics 27th September, 2006, New Delhi.
27. Growth of Technologically Important Crystals 4th September, 2006, New Delhi
28. Cyber Security 10th August, 2006, New Delhi
29. Structure of proteins related to human health in their functional context 2nd May, 2006, New Delhi
30. Development of Biomaterials, Devices and Implants for Orthopaedic Applications in India 11th March, 2006, Mumbai
31. To discuss a Possible Science Initiative in Ayurveda 15th February, 2006, New Delhi
32. The Machine Tool Sector 8th October, 2005, Bangalore
33. Desalination of Water and Water Reuse August, 2005, New Delhi
34. Creation of an Advanced Manufacturing Centre in India 9th June, 2005, New Delhi
35. Electronics/IT/Telecom Hardware SectorManufacturing February, 2005, New Delhi
36. Creation of National S&T databases October, 2003, New Delhi
37. Setting-up of World-class Institutes (Centres) on Microelectronics and Nano electronics (Nanotechnology) 10th September, 2003, New Delhi
38. Measures of Progress of S&T in India December, 2002, New Delhi
39. Enhancing Industry Academic Interaction August, 2002, New Delhi