Atmospheric Water Generating System Challenge

Rotary in collaboration with the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser Government of India are keen on launching a challenge to the technologists of premier National Institutes and their incubated startups related to Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG)

Specifics of the Challenge:

1. We seek a prototype of atmospheric water generators to collect humidity from the air in an efficient manner such that stand-alone prototypes needing not more than 2.5 sqft and 5.5 sqft floor area are installed at given locations for 30 L/day and 100 L/day water collection, respectively at 70% RH.

2. The unit should operate in Delhi, where annual average relative humidity and temperature are in the range of 10 - 80% and 7- 40 degree Celsius.

3. The unit must have an inbuilt microbial and chemical contaminant treatment system with inbuilt water storage capacity for a minimum 50% of the rated capacity.

4. Output must be mineralized drinking water conforming to BIS standards and the overall capital costs are to be below Rs. 50,000 and 1,75,000, for 30L/day and 100 L/day capacities, respectively where operating costs are approximately Rs. 2.5/L, at an RH of

5. The prototypes have to be ready for installation in 7-10 days and there must be an adequate capacity to supply large quantities (maybe 100 units of each type in the next one year provided the prototype installed in Delhi is appreciated by the Delhi Government)

Detailed performance specifications have to be supplied for evaluation.

The AWG systems are to be installed in a community/school. These systems need to be of three distinct capacities:

1. Home Appliance Atmospheric Water Generating System, 30 L/day
2. Community/School Water Generating System, 100 L/day
3. High quantity Community Water Generating system, 400 L/day

Email your submissions to psa[dot]sntcluster[at]gmail[dot]com by 30th June, 2020

For more details on the challenge, click here for the detailed document