Women in Science & Technology

Women in S&T

India International Centre in collaboration with the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi is starting a new series of programmes - Women in Science and Technology. The year-long series of lectures and panel discussions aims to put a spotlight on this topic by celebrating the achievements of Indian women scientists and engineers; it hopes to inspire budding and aspiring scientists, doctors, and engineers; and also to discuss key issues relating to the inclusion and advancement of women in science, medicine and engineering. 

While science and technology (S&T) are increasingly seen as being central to human, social and economic development, and are indeed shaping individual behavior and societies at a fundamental level, public conversations and outreach regarding issues at the S&T – society interface remains limited. But public engagement and discussion on such issues is critical for reasons other than the most obvious one, that an informed and engaged citizenry is an obvious necessary condition for a vibrant democracy. In today’s world, citizens are not just observers of these processes but also participants, whether as users of technology or as potential scientists and technologists in the case of young people. Thus broader citizen engagement, especially targeting young people, takes on greater salience. We also need to sensitize students or young practitioners of S & T to the kinds of issues that are emerging at the S&T-society interface, how these are shaping our very lives, and how they in turn might be shaped/managed.

The first lecture in the series will be delivered by Prof. Gagandeep Kang, Executive Director, Translational Health Science Technology Institute; and the first Indian woman to be inducted as the Fellow of Royal Studies (FRS), London earlier this year. Prof. Kang will speak on Friends, Heroes, Scientists, Women using examples from her own experiences to engage with the dichotomy between professional competence and cultural constructs. The lecture will be held on Thursday, 1st August 2019 at 6:30 pm at the C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium.

Prof. K. Vijayaraghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India will deliver the opening remarks; with Shri Shyam Saran, Life Trustee, IIC in the chair.